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22 MayOrange jessamine (Kemuning tree)



Orange jessamine, or Kemuning tree (Murraya paniculata (L.) Jack), has a very fragrant scent of flowers, the fruit is a tiny granules, oval, raw when green, red when ripe, preferably by fruit-eating birds (ex.Merbah ), and is a beautiful ornamental plant shrubs.

Kemuning trees (Murraya paniculata (L.) Jack), can be planted in pots, curb, or patio homes with limited soil medium.

However, when planted in the garden when medium conditions is not limited, the myrtle tree can grow as shrub trees.

The Myrtle Tree photo collection of the author, are presented below:

a. Bunga (sangat harum)

a. Flowers (very fragrant)

b. Buah (disuka burung)

b . Fruit (bird preferred)

c. Tajuk (indah)

c . Canopy (beautiful)

d. Pohon (Eksotik)

d . Tree (Exotic)

e. Kiri Pintu Pagar (Pohon Hias)

e. Entrance side of Fence Houses (as Ornamental Tree)

Kemuning tree maintenance include: the provision of water when there is no rain, manure, bokashi and foliar fertilizer N, P , K , complete with micro elements.