31 MayBeard Jasmine (Strophantus Persuii)



Strophantus Persuii called Beard Jasmine, because the interest rates have a sort of tendrils that hung like a beard.

Beard Jasmine shaped like jasmine flowers single and clustered in a series.

Soft beard dangled have some kind of adhesive that causes beard twisted by wind blow, but it can be straightened out with your fingers (stroked).

Beard Jasmine’s flowers dry quickly and rolled its beard.

Beard Jasmine’s leaf slightly oval thick and easy to dry and fall off.

Beard Jasmine’s stem stubble is not large as well as other vines.

Beard Jasmine’s plant collecting by author presented as follows:


Figure 1.


Figure 2.


Figure 3.

Beard Jasmine growing in pots need water supply, in order to grow fresh and not quickly wither and fall.

Maintenance such as vines, see: http://tabloidnova.com/Griya/Taman/Indahnya-Tanaman-Merambat