09 JunCacti Plants



Cacti Plants have become increasingly popular as house plants, attracting attention for their intresting forms and tolerant nature.

Being tolerant, they are often unfairly neglected. They can survive dramatic changes of temperature, poor soil and long periods of drought, but it should not be assumed that cacti actually enjoy these conditions.

In fact, with proper care, they can be encouraged to become highly attractive plants and may flower now and then, dependeding on the species.

(See: A Guide to Skyrise Gardening. Parks & Recreation Department Ministry of National Development. Singapore Science Centre, Sci. Centre Road, Singapore 2260. pp 132-135).

The author have an antique and exotic cactus plant without pin collection, as presented in the figure below:


1. Pot


2. Top


3. Bottom


4. Flower

What is species this kind of cactus? Can you help the outhor? Thank you.